Friday, August 19, 2016

Member- Coffee Club Launch

Dear Members,

I have exciting news, but first I want to ask you a question; does your office serve coffee?  Over the past several months, we have been working hard on a new way to support SB-Cal, the program is called the SB-Cal Coffee Club.  We have partnered with a McLaughlin Coffee Roasters, a bay area family company, to offer a new way for businesses to buy coffee for their offices.  For every pound of coffee purchased, $1 is donated to SB-Cal, and helps us advocate even harder for Small Business Issues.  65 million employees drink coffee at work*, that’s over 1.5 million pounds of coffee every year!  Imagine how much good we could do for Small Businesses with that kind of financial support. 

Along with the coffee, we will be sending out a newsletter called “Wake up California!”  Each edition will feature a different company, and highlight how we level the playing field for small businesses in California.   You can read the first edition by clinking on the blue link in the sidebar.

Each of you has invested in SB-Cal as a member and you know about our track record and motivations.  SB-Cal is unique in that we choose not to receive significant funds from large corporations, utilities or oil companies. We have nothing against larger firms or major energy companies.  Often California small business interests align with these businesses.  Sometimes though, what big firms want isn’t compatible with maintaining a level playing field for all businesses.  If we accepted funds from these firms, when the balance tips in the wrong direction, how could we fight for small businesses?

I’m asking you to help us take this first step.  If your office serves coffee, would you be willing to try ours?  If you are, let me know by email or phone or carrier pigeon! I will send you a sample bag to try for free.  If you love the coffee, we can talk about ordering some for your office.  If not, I’d love to hear your feedback and see how we can make this new program work better.  My office, CAL Insurance, has switched over to this new coffee.  It is referred to as "the good stuff" in our offices.  I hope you will try it.  Thank you for the support you have already shown SB-Cal, and I look forward to hearing from you.
Scott Hauge

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Oh man, my office does not even serve water! and i don't think any change is likely to happen in that regard. I really wanna change jobs but i don't have much offers.