Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Healthcare Reform NOW!!

Dear Small Business California,

Small Business California believes the number one issue for California small business is health insurance. We urge you to sign on to our health campaign by going to our voter voice page at:

If you are new to votervoice, please register and you will then be able to sign on to a letter that will be sent to the Governor, Senate and Assembly members, and the Committees on Health via email and mail. If you have registered with votervoice, simply log on and sign on. When finished, please forward the link to others you know to increase our support effort. For further information on the health debate here in California, visit our website at and check out the link under "News and Updates" to the Governor's "Fixing Our Broken Healthcare System" website. If you would rather send your own letter of support, without using voter voice, please reference the letter attached and contact information for the Governor, Assembly Speaker Nunez and Senator Perata (see below). This is very important. This will be the last thing I will ask you to do this year. Thank you for your support!

Scott Hauge President Small Business California
phone: 415 680- 2109

"The voice of California Small Business"

Contact Info via email for the Governor, Senator Perata and Assembly Speaker Nunez:

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger can be emailed on his website @

Assembly Speaker Nunez can be emailed on his website @

Senator Don Perata's email address is

Please use our campaign letter attached as reference if you wish. Thank you.