Friday, August 19, 2016

Bill Updates/ Workers Compensation Rate Decreases/ Injury and Illness Prevention Mandate

Last Friday  was the last day to get bills out of Suspense in the Assembly and Senate.
It was with deep sadness that Small Business California’s crowd funding bill 2178 did not get out of suspense. It appears that the Department of Business oversite stopped the bill.

We have also been watching SB 878 which was the bill requiring three weeks scheduling  for grocers, retail  and restaurants of their employees. It did not get out of suspense in the Senate.

It was announced today that the Insurance Commissioner is recommending a 5% decrease in workers compensation pure premium rates effective July 1. The insurance companies do not have to accept  this reduction but it does put pressure on them to do so.

In the past I have made mention that all businesses are required to have a written  Injury and Illness Program regardless of their size. Do you  have a plan in place and do you talk about it in your safety meetings. Just having a plan does not meet requirements as you must continue to refer to it and update it as  necessary, This is the number one citation for Cal OSHA.

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