Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Small Business California Activities

From: Scott Hauge
Sent: Friday, March 02, 2007 6:04 AM
Subject: Small Business California Activities

It is really exciting what Small Business California is doing right now and I would like to update you on a few of our activities.

Yesterday Hank Ryan and I attended the first meeting of the Economic and Technology Advancement Advisory Advisory Committee. I serve on the Board with 19 others and we will be working on the implementation of AB 32[ Greenhouse Emissions Caps]. This is the first time to my knowledge that small business has ever had representation in the energy arena on such a significant level.

On March 8th I will going to Washington representing Small Business California and the National Small Business Association at a hearing of the Senate Small Business Committee. John Kerry is the Chair of the Committee and I was invited by Senator Snowe's staff. She is the minority leader on the Committee. I will be talking about small business energy issues and what the role of Small Business California was in the passage of AB 32. Byron Kennard will also be testifying representing the Center for Small Business and the Environment. I work very closely with
Byron and he is a tireless advocate for small business on this issue.

If any of you have any thoughts on this issue that you think would be helpful to discuss please let me know.

Lastly I spent Tuesday in Sacramento with our lobbyist Lori Kammerer discussing Small Business California legislation. We had meetings with a number of staffers and met with Assemblyman Tony Montoya and Assemblyman Doug La Malfa who is carrying one of our bills. Please let me know if you are in either of these Assemblyman's district.

We also met with Herb Schultz who is one of the point people for the Governors health plan. Small Business California has established itself as one of the leading groups speaking on health issues in Sacramento.

Through small Business California you are gaining a stronger and stronger voice in Sacramento and now also in Washington. Our survey of issues will be going out to all the legislators in the next couple of weeks and the Governors office is well aware of it. We also have received some great media coverage.