Friday, August 19, 2016

Jackie Speier/Funding for SBDCs

Yesterday I received a call from Channel 7 asking if  Small Business California has taken a position on the Pink Tax.  Congresswoman Jackie Speier is proposing legislation, HR 5686, to repeal the so called Pink Tax. She has worked at the state level on this issue  for years, but is putting this bill forward as a result of a study by the New York Department of Consumer Affairs, which found that women paid 7% more for similar products purchased by men. The reporter indicated the US Chamber and a National Retailer Association were opposing this. I am not clear if they have filed formal opposition, but the reporter said it was because they were opposed to government involvement in pricing of private sector products. According to the reporter, they  also have said this will hurt small business because they could be subjected to lawsuits for violation of the bill.
Small Business California has not taken a position and I doubt we will, but what do you think about this legislation?

The Small Business Development Centers have received $300,000 to help businesses comply with the Small Business California legislation, requiring businesses in California to file their EDD quarterly  returns On Line. While it was not part of the legislation, Small Business California took the lead in pushing for this funding.
The $300,000 will be matched by the SBA.

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