Friday, June 27, 2014

Minimum wage | Customer Communications

On July 1st, the minimum wage in California will go to $9/hr. It will increase to $10/hr in July of 2015. Senator Mark Leno has failed in the Assembly to pass his minimum wage bill. It would have increased the minimum wage to $11/hr in 2015, $12/hr in 2016 and $13/hr in 2017.

About a week ago I asked you how you did business with your customers. I asked if you stressed meeting your clients in person or talking to them by phone vs. email and texting as your main communication vehicle. I was a bit surprised that most people responded they mostly use email. Most people said they did not text much.

Now, I know that there is a place for all these communication vehicles, but in my opinion personal contact is the best. Interestingly enough, no one mentioned Facebook or LinkedIn. I tell my employees to call first and if you don’t reach them, send an email because emails can be misunderstood as you don’t have a chance to add texture and nuance. I especially don’t want my employees to lose personal contact.

There are however exceptions to this where the client wants to be contacted only by email but I don’t think most people want to do business this way. It does seem that people in the tech industry seem to prefer email, though. Maybe I am too old fashioned...

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