Monday, June 02, 2014

AB 1792 | AB 1351

Small Business California has been tracking AB 1792 and opposed AB 1351.
AB 1792 would require  all employers with 25 or more employees to  report to EDD all employees receiving public assistance. Public assistance is defined as MediCal, Cal Fresh and Cal Works. As best as I can determine employees are all employees of a business and not subject to any hourly requirement. The bill would only apply to business not government. This is supported  by Labor who says that these employees are a cost to the state. The Department of Labor would be  required to provide a list of employees receiving benefits for each company. The Department of Finance opposes this.It has passed the Assembly  by a vote of 52 to 26 and is going to the Senate.

What do you think?

Small Business California opposed AB1351.  This bill would require credit cards to have chips to prevent fraud. The problem with the bill is that it locks a technology in place which cant be changed without a vote of the legislature. It also does not apply to  government. The bill has died  in the Assembly as it could not get the votes before  the deadline.

On June 17 Cameo will be holding a celebration of its 20th year . It will be at the Sterling Hotel. I am proud to say that at the event I will be given an award for  Small Business Advocacy. This is particularly meaningful to me because I have worked the ED Claudia Viek for many years going back to her days at SF Renaissance.

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