Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Major Health Plans Violate State Law Over Networks (PBGH Policy Blog)

I am on the Board of the Pacific Group on Health. This is a great update on what is happening in the health world.
They are really a  major player in Health policy.


Policy Matters
25 Years   US capitol
November 2014

Leading this month’s policy blog is news that Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California gave consumers misleading information about their provider networks in plans sold on Covered California. Click below for more information on this story and our other featured topics.

1. California Regulators Find Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California Violated State Law Over Networks

2. Feds Clarify That Employers Cannot Give Workers Stipends To Shop On Government Exchanges

3. Prices (Not Utilization) Drive Increases in Spending for Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

4. Lack of Healthy Provider Competition Leading to Higher Physician Charges

5. Supreme Court Agrees to Hear New Challenge to Health Care Law

6. New Surveys Suggest Very Few Employers Plan to Drop Health Benefits

Bill Kramer
Bill Kramer, MBA,
Executive Director, National Healthcare Policy  

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