Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unemployment Payments/ Choosing Wisely

Last week I sent an email asking you if you would support a bill allowing people to receive unemployment benefits when starting a new business. Currently to receive these benefits you must be seeking employment. The vast majority of you opposed this. The California Chamber and EDD also oppose this.

Small Business California tries very hard to work with other associations and some of our legislative efforts have been supported by CAMEO. In fairness to them I asked to state why they think this is a good piece of legislation and I asked them to make their case to you. Please see their comments.

Please let me know your thoughts

Here's our shot at why business should support...

In addition to creating 5,000 businesses, 12,000 jobs and at least $400million in revenues, getting people off unemployment, decreasing unemployment recidivism rates... The unemployed who want to start their own business have to either do it at night (outside of the time they are supposed to be looking for work under the current unemployment system) or work on their business in the shadows. Having to look for a job during the day that may or may not exist, when what the person really wants to do is start a business is inefficient. We need to change the 'system' to encourage businesses to formalize and immediately become part of the market economy, so they don't become accustomed to operating underground. --

In a previous email I sent I advised you that I am on the Board of the Pacific Group on Health. This is an association of very large employers who have over 3 million people covered for health insurance. Many of these are self insured. They are working hard to reduce the cost of the health system. To that extent they are partnering with the National Business Coalition on Health and Consumer Reports to let their employees know how to Choose Wisely when making health care decisions. Please see link below the tool kit they have put together for employers to provide their employee to use to educate their employees about the dangers and issues associated with the overuse of health care services. Take a look and I would appreciate your comments. Will you provide this to your employees?


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