Monday, May 21, 2012

Hospital Cost/ ExIm Loan Program

I found this report interesting and disturbing. If we are going to lower the cost of health insurance we must lower the cost of health spending.

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Hospitals and other medical providers rapidly raising prices drove up overall health spending during the economic downturn, despite lower utilization. A report out today looking at a huge mound of insurance claims comes to that conclusion. The study also raises some interesting questions, such as why is spending on kids under 18 going up so fast?

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Senior Correspondent, Kaiser Health News

In a prior email I mentioned that the Export Import loan program needed to be reauthorized. I am pleased to let you know it has now cleared the House and Senate and it is expected to be signed by the President. Small Business California is a strong supporter of the Ex IM loan program as this is critical to small businesses that are exporting.

Small Business California will be holding its annual retreat next month. As you know we are committed to California small businesses and I would like to know what more we can do to help your business. If you are representing an Association how can we better work with you.


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