Monday, November 03, 2014

Election/eChoice Advisors

Tomorrow is election day. It is predicted by many that turnout in California could be below 50%. The candidates see their  chances of winning being determined by the turnout. The same is true of ballot measures. If you haven’t done so already please make sure to vote tomorrow.

Matier and Ross put out a column this morning in the Chronicle citing   a poll recently finding  that only  42%  surveyed knew   that Gov. Jerry Brown was  running for reelection and only about 1 in 5 could name the  Republican candidate  Neel Kashkari as his opponent. Fewer  than  30% of Republicans could name him as Browns opponent.

Have you done anything this election.
Have you voted or do you intend to vote?
Have you contributed to any candidate or ballot measure?
Have you given any time for a candidates election or a ballot measure?
Are you more interested in your local election than the statewide ballot?

I have said many times if small business is going to be taken seriously you need to have your voices heard. No better time than now.

Maggie  Wu of eChoice Advisors has asked that I send a link to you to get yours and your employees thoughts on health insurance.

Please see below her request. The survey will take you just a couple of minutes. Thank you

Hi Scott:

I am interested in collecting more survey data for eChoiceAdvisorto to help consumers and small business simplify health insurance choices based on large scale consumer surveys.  I am so pleased that you agree to help promote my research.

Enclosed is the survey link:

Convincing small business owners to help sponsor eChoiceAdvisor surveys would be key in data collection.  Employees are generally willing to complete short surveys if they are convinced that their employers would use the information to help decide on the choice of insurance benefits.  I used to work for Aetna and I knew from first hand experience how crucial it was to leverage the employer-employee trust to get reliable survey data.

Small business owners would be motivated to help eChoiceAdvisor if they perceive a mutual benefit.  Small business owners are often concerned with health care costs and employee job satisfaction.  Many business owners often face the dilemma of rising premiums and uncertainty over plan change. eChoiceAdvisor can help influence employees' plan preferences and save money for employers.

It is difficult to compare health plans for most small business owners and consumers without tools such as eChoiceAdvisor.  For example:
  • The rise of narrow networks means that many consumers will have difficulty getting appointments with doctors of their choice or have very limited choice of providers in their plans.  Different health plans have very different networks and provider management programs.  Some people may end up using out-of-network care unexpectedly as a result.
  • Different health plans have different provider incentive programs to minimize specialist referrals.  Enrolling in a wrong plan can translate into limited specialist care and inferior quality of care.
  • Different health plans have different standards for  "customary and reasonable charges" associated with medical procedures.  The insurance companies will pay a set percentage of the charges according to their policies.  Consumers can be stuck with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Different health plans have different claims processing and claim denial policies.  Consumers have to deal with the consequences if their insurance companies refuse claim payments.
eChoiceAdvisor ( can help simplify plan comparison, plan selection and minimize insurance surprises.  Our search engine generates plan recommendations based on large scale consumer surveys.  Small business owners  will find it worthwhile to spend a few minutes of their time to help eChoiceAdvisor and help themselves save money on health care.

Thanks you so much for your help.  Please feel free to contact me (925-876-2477) for any questions.


Maggie Wu, CEO

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
2311 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA  94116

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