Friday, April 25, 2014

Made in CA Survey

Small Business California passed a bill last year regarding the labeling of Made in California. At the end of the session the author added an amendment that was very troubling. It said that the business had to have 100% of the product made in the USA . The only exclusion to this is packaging.

It is really important  you answer the questions below. It is hard to move forward on implementing this if it doesn't benefit many businesses.

  1. Are you a California-based manufacturer?
  • If yes, do you produce any products that are 100% made in the USA? (For purposes of this survey, “100% made in the USA” includes labor and all product materials.  It does not include packaging.)
    If yes, please describe products ___________________________________.
  • If yes, please describe how you are able to confirm that your supply chain consists only of USA-made labor, parts, and materials_____________________________.
  • If yes, would you be interested in being part of a 100% made in the USA label to brand and market your product(s)? YES / NO
  1. If your products are not currently 100% made in the USA, what approximate share of total value is made in the USA? (For purposes of this survey, product value includes labor and all product materials materials.  It does not include packaging.)  _______________. 
  2. Would you be interested in adjusting your supply chain to fit a 100% made in the USA standard if a 100% made in the USA label were available?

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
2311 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA  94116

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