Friday, April 18, 2014

Minimum Wage | SF Health Care Ordinance - CORRECTION

*Accidentally we initially put David Chiu, but that was a typo. Supervisor David Chiu has been a wonderful friend and supporter of small businesses.

I don’t usually write about local issues but I think what is happening on the minimum wage in SF is going to mushroom around the state. The minimum wage now is $10.74. I think this is the highest in the country except for SeaTac in Washington which is $15. It is expected that a couple of measures will be on the November ballot. The SEIU has taken out papers to increase the minimum wage to $13 come January 2015. In 2016, businesses with over 100 employees will be required to pay $15 and those under 100 will go to $14. In 2017 businesses under 100 will go to $15. From there every year will have a cost of living adjustment.

The Mayor is expected to also put forth a measure increasing the minimum wage to $15 or $16 but over a longer period of time. The timelines are not known. How would this impact your business?  Are you hearing about increases in your area?

Supervisor David Campos has introduced legislation to change the current SF Health Care Ordinance. All businesses with 20 or more employees will be required to purchase health insurance for all employees working 8 hours or more or pay annually into a City fund or another fund that meets Affordable Care Act regulations. For businesses with 20 to 99 employees the amount is $1.66 per hour per employee. For businesses with 100 or more employees the amount would be $2.44. Both are increased annually by the cost of living increase. These amounts mentioned above would have to be put into the fund in cash and is irrevocable, meaning the employee has the availability of this money until it is used up.

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