Thursday, August 01, 2013

Loss Prevention/ Michael Lujan

On Tuesday I attended a meeting with Christine Baker head of the Department of Industrial Relations, Ellen Widess the head of Cal OSHA and a number of representatives of insurance companies. The topic was Loss Control/ Prevention and our discussion centered around work place injuries of employees.  The goal of the meeting was to figure out how the state can partner with insurance carriers and business associations to provide information to employers about how to integrate loss control in their business practices.

I am writing to you to get your thoughts.

What do you do in this area?

Do you have a written Injury and Illness Program,IIPP,which is a requirement of all businesses?

Do you have regularly scheduled safety meetings and discuss your  IIPP.

Are you aware of the cost to you of workplace injuries?

Do you use the resources of your insurance carrier in this area? Have you had an insurance carrier come out  and walk through your business? Did you find it useful?

Have been audited by OSHA?

Do you think your business has a culture of safety?
What is the best way to provide information to your business on loss prevention? Is it written materials, webinars, internet etc.  Are there topics you are particularly interested in. Would you use this information?
I would greatly appreciate your responses.

Big surprise yesterday. Michael Lujan the head of the Small Business Health Option Plan,SHOP  resigned yesterday from Covered California effective August 9. Michael was great to work with and a real friend to small business. Thank you Michael and all the best to you. We will miss you..

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
2311 Taraval Street
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