Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Affordable Care Act website/ ACA and start up businesses/ My assistant

The White House has put out  a link to answer questions by business owners on the Affordable Care Act, This could be very helpful in your understanding your options.

Here is a resource worth checking out

Here is the direct healthcare link:

One of the benefits of the Affordable Care Act will be people who want to start  their own businesses in the past may be  afraid to leave their current job because they will lose their health insurance. With the Affordable Care Act  people will not have to worry about pre existing conditions and because the subsidies are geared to income may be eligible for subsidies.

Do you think this will increase the ranks of the self employed?

Many of  you  have worked with Rusilah A who has been my  assistant the last couple of years. She will be leaving Friday to going  to nursing school. Her replacement is  Lourdes  Ramos. Her email is Lramos@cal-insure.com and phone number is 415-680-2110.  I hope  you all will wish Rusilah well and welcome Lourdes.

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