Friday, August 30, 2013

Corporate Veil/ Unemployment

For those of you that have incorporated your business you probably did so in part  to protect your personal assets. Yesterday I received an email from an attorney who is putting on a seminar  on how to pierce the corporate veil. It is important to you as a small business to make sure you protect yourself. I strongly recommend you talk to your attorney about this. See below email I received.

If you are interested in this webinar September 12th please let me know and I will give you additional information.

I  have written that the Governor wanted to introduce legislation  to eliminate the Unemployment debt to the Federal government[about $10 billion].As of earlier in the week  the Governor has decided not to introduce legislation this session. It will continue to be discussed after session and will reappear probably early next year as urgent legislation meaning it would take effect immediately .

Speaking of Unemployment the unemployment insurance charge will go up $21 per employee in 2014 and $21 per year  after that until debt to Federal government is paid off. The rate will cap at 6%.

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