Friday, March 08, 2013

Survey/ IRS/SB626

Yesterday you all received the link to our annual survey. I have told you that this will be delivered to every Assembly person, state Senator and the Governor . I have also said that the survey is used by legislators.

Yesterday I received a very nice note from Toni Symonds , Chief Consultant for the Assembly Committee on Jobs ,Economic Development and the Economy. She said

“Good stuff,thank you Scott. I will be referring to your survey in my policy analysis”

Thank you Toni

If you have not seen the survey it can be accessed by going to our website at

There has been an effort by the National Small Business Association and Small Business California to get language out of Washington that is understandable.

This is a real problem and as an example I cite and IRS regulation regarding shared responsibility in the Affordable Care Act

“√úse of payroll periods. For payroll periods that are one week,two weeks,or semi-monthly in duration,an employer is permitted to treat as a measurement period a period that ends on the last day of the payroll period preceding the payroll period that includes the date that would otherwise be the last day of the measurement period, provided that measurement period begins on the first day of the payroll period that includes the date that would otherwise be the first day of the measurement period”

You can’t make this up.Thanks David Burton of NSBA for sending this clarification.

We will be sending our association letter opposing SB 626 which would unravel many of the reforms in last year workers compensation reform bill. Please see the 33 associations that will be signing the letter. Thank you to all

Opposing SB 626

1. 101 MFG (Manufacturing)

2. American Fence Association

3. American Subcontractors Association Capital City Chapter

4. California Association for Micro-Enterprise Opportunity

5. California Association of Competitive Telecommunications Companies

6. California Chapter of American Fence Association

7. California Employers Association

8. California Fish and Seafood Industry

9. California Metals Association Coalition

10. Coalition of Small and Disabled Veteran Businesses

11. Committee on Jobs – San Francisco

12. Engineering Contractors Association

13. Flasher/Barrier Association

14. Golden Gate Restaurant Association

15. Inland Valley Business Alliance- Rancho Cucamonga

16. Main Street Chamber- Rancho Cucamonga

17. Main Street Chamber-Upland

18. Marin Builder Exchange

19. Monterey County Business Council

20. Northern California Independent Booksellers Association

21. Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

22. Pacific Contractors Association

23. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association of California

24. Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association of San Francisco

25. San Francisco Builders Exchange

26. San Francisco Locally Owned Merchants Alliance

27. San Francisco Chamber of Commerce

28. San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations

29. San Francisco Small Business Network

30. Small Business California

31. Small Business Majority

32. Small Manufactures Association of California

33. Brand Source Pacific Rim Region

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