Monday, March 04, 2013

SBC survey

We are keeping our survey open a couple of extra days and will close Tuesday. We have 1261 responses so far so I am making a last minute push to get over 1300. Thank you to all that responded and if you have not done so please click on link below and complete. It should take you less than 10 minutes.

We will be doing a press release Wednesday and I will send all of you results Thursday

As you all know Small Business California is taking a leadership position in defeating AB 626 which would eliminate a number of reforms in last years workers compensation legislation. We must stop this bill. In our survey 43.7% of you said workers compensation was a high priority or top priority. 33% said was a moderate priority.

We now have 24 associations signing onto the letter of opposition and many of you are sending individual letters. Again if you are involved in an association and have not already done so please let me know and I will send you association letter. If you are an individual and want to send letter let me know and I will send you Small Business opposition letter.

We are looking to send association letter next Monday.

I am constantly amazed that there seems to be an attitude among many that it is not important to return phone calls and emails. I certainly understand not returning these when they are trying to sell something but what I don’t understand is not returning calls from customers or to people that are providing goods or services to a business. Why is this the case? Is this getting worse?

I am sure most of the businesses that are receiving this email are not guilty of this but I am also sure you see the same phenomena.

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