Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Renaissance/ Emails

I hope you all had a great New Year and looking forward to 2013. I returned last night from Renaissance weekend exhausted but full of new insights. It was truly inspirational hearing from Mark Kelly husband of Gabby Gifford about the impact on their lives of the tragic shooting two year ago. At the end she stepped to the stage and acknowledged the audience to a standing ovation. It sent chills down my spine to see this amazing woman and to hear about her courage.

Two interesting things I came away with at the event.

One a line attributed to Tom Daschle[ although I am not sure he was the originator] . He said

“when all is said and done more gets said than done”

The other was

“ I have loved

I have been loved

Everything else is background music.”

One topic that came up was a discussion of whether voters should elect the President and the Congress from the same party. The argument is that in doing the party in power can be held accountable.

The argument against this is you would have tyranny of the majority.

What do you think?

Lastly I want to make these emails as relevant as possible for all of you. What topics do you think Small Business California should be talking about in these emails. How can I make them better.

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