Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Requirement of employers to make employee personnel records available/ Special Interest

Please see California Employers Association blog providing information regarding new requirements on employers to make available to employees and former employees, their personnel file. This took effect January 1 2013 with the passage of AB2674.

Also on the blog is requirement , if you provide group health insurance, to let employees know about the Children’s Group Health Insurance Program.

Lastly you will also see on the blog the new mileage rates put forth by the IRS for 2013

Many people think the impact on elected officials of special interest is something new. Well Henry Fountain Ashurst , one of the first Senators from Arizona, said around 100 years ago

“When I have to choose between voting for the people or special interest, I always stick with special interest.. They remember. The people forget”

Scott Hauge


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