Thursday, September 08, 2011

Retirement Plans/IBM Computer Equipment

On September 30th, I will be part of a panel discussing small business retirement plans. There will be a discussion of the state sponsoring retirement savings plans for the private sector. I will be addressing the questions below:

“What are the barriers that make it difficult for you, as a small business, to offer a retirement plan to your employees?”

If the State of California were to sponsor a retirement savings plan for private sector workers whose employer does not offer a plan -- with no cost to taxpayers and low or no fees charged to employers -- would you be willing to participate by enrolling your employees and implementing payroll deduction? What plan features would be important to you as an employer?

I would like your comments if you are not currently providing a retirement Plan. IBM will be announcing today a program to provide $1 billion to small and medium size businesses for computer equipment. This will be in the form of loans but IBM is indicating that they will be much easier to obtain than through a bank. For more information go to:

It is interesting that in the article it says small and medium size businesses purchase $250 billion of computer equipment a year.

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