Thursday, September 29, 2011

Media Release: CA Ranked in 'Top 10 Best States To Do Business'/ Alternate Energy

We always hear talk about California being a bad place to do business. Well in one survey, California was ranked around 50th out of 50 states, which is just one ahead of Washington DC (who ranked 51st). Then, I see another report (below) that ranked California as being the top 10 states to do business. I don’t believe this just as much as I don’t believe we are 50th.

Ultimately, you need to look closely at the questions being asked.

If the questions revolve around regulations, taxes and cost of housing, California is going to end up on the bottom. If the questions revolve around climate, quality of life, entrepreneurism and R&D and our university system, California will come up at the top. I point this out so you are cautious when you hear the results of surveys ranking California’s business climate.

I also want to send a thank you all of you that responded to my question on alternate energy and solar. Naturally, the responses varied from strong support to “let the market decide”. However, the most common response was that we need to find ways to get off our dependency on oil and develop a long term strategy, which takes into account all alternate energy sources (including solar). Most of you said that the Solyndra situation was tragic, but it is just one loan. Many of you also pointed out that gasoline has been subsidized for years.

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Governor’s Office of Economic Development Announces California Ranked in ‘Top 10 Best States to Do Business’

Sacramento Calif. – Governor’s Office of Economic Development Director Joel Ayala today said that Area Development magazine has ranked California as one of the top 10 best states to do business. The rankings are based on a nationwide survey of highly respected business location consultants.

“Despite all the negative rhetoric, the fact remains California is still the nationwide leader in high-tech, biotech, green, venture capital and agricultural job creation,” said Director Ayala. “California is also being recognized for its robust international trade activities which account for billions of dollars in revenue and contribute millions of jobs to the state.”

Area Development magazine noted that despite California being hit hard by the recession, California remains a global leader in international trade and access to global markets. In addition to California’s international trade advantages, Area Development noted that California is finding success through the state Innovation Hub (iHub) initiative which is administered by the California Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GoED).

The iHub initiative includes 12 state designated Innovation Hubs from Redding to San Diego which leverage assets such as research parks, technology incubators, universities, and federal laboratories to provide an innovation platform for startup companies, economic development organizations, business groups, and venture capitalists.

“The California iHub initiative is the largest state innovation program of its kind,” said GoED Deputy Director for Innovation and Emerging Technology, Louis Stewart. “The initiative began in 2010 with a small group and has since grown to an expansive statewide network of public and private partners focused on the commercialization of new products.”

The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GoED) is the state’s the One-Stop-Shop for business retention and job creation. They offer a wide range of services that are targeted to business owners including: site selection, business incentives, permit streamlining, clearing regulatory hurdles, small business assistance, and more.

To learn more about GoED and the Innovation Hub Initiative:

For the complete Area Development Magazine rankings,

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I point this out so you are cautious when you hear the results of surveys ranking California’s business climate.