Friday, September 02, 2011

Mike Rossi & Tragic Employee Loss

On September 16th Lori Kammerer and I will be meeting with Mike Rossi, the economic development Czar for the Governor. If you were to meet with him, what would you say the state should do to stimulate the economy and create jobs? Are your receipts increasing, decreasing or staying the same? Do you plan on hiring employees, cutting employees or stayed the same?

Yesterday morning, I received a call informing me that one of my key employees had died of a heart attack the day before. This was quite a shock because she had worked all day Wednesday and seemed fine. She was a person who worked well with all of our customers and the insurance companies we represent. She was here almost 16 years and is loved by all employees at CAL Insurance. I don’t know how many of you have experienced this situation, but it raises a whole lot of questions about what do you do when something like this happens. Here are some questions I have:

- How do you deal with your employees after this occurs?
- How do you let your customers know?
- How do you let your suppliers know?
- How do you work with the family?

Also, do you have the talent within your company to replace this person or are you going to have to go outside the company? If you have to go outside the company where do you find people to replace this person? Do you need to bring in someone on a temporary basis or can the existing employees pick up the slack? These are just a few of the issues I am facing but I think it illustrates part of the planning employers must do to prepare for such an occurrence.

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