Thursday, February 19, 2015

Survey/Made in America/ EDD legislation

We have received over 300 responses to the Small Business California survey. To those of you that have completed the survey thank you. If you haven’t done so please take a few minutes to complete. We will close the survey March 3. For results of prior surveys go to

Below is the live link to the survey:

Last week Assembly Member Jones introduced AB 312 which would allow businesses to affix a Made in America label to their product if virtually all of the product is made in the USA. The current law says the product must be 100% Made USA..

This is a common sense law which will encourage California businesses to use US manufactured products. Currently businesses that have a foreign manufactured product in their product regardless of how infinitesimal cannot use the Made in America label in California and if they do use the label they are the subject to potential lawsuits. It must be 100%

The bill is opposed by the Consumer Federation of California and Consumer Attorneys of California who stopped its passage last year.
The bill is coauthored by Assembly Members Travis, Allen,Chang, Waldon and Wilk.

As I said in a email last week EDD is introducing legislation that would require businesses to file their quarterly reports Online. There is a hardship clause that says if you don’t have the capability to do so you will not be required to purchase technology to do so. How many of you don’t have ability to file Online? How many of you have ability to do so but choose to file on paper

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