Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Updates on our Senate Members

From our Government  Affairs person,  Lori Kammerer:

Senator Kevin DeLeon (D-Los Angeles) is the new Pro Tem of the Senate and takes office on October 16th.

Senate members who are termed-out include Senators Calderon, Corbett, Correa, Padilla, Steinberg, Wyland and Yee.  Senator Wright has resigned and Senators Desaulnier, Knight, Lieu and Torres are running for Congress.  Senator Gaines is running for Insurance Commissioner.  Senator Noreen Evans decided not to run for another term.  A total of 9 Senators will be replaced for certain and if the remaining 5 Senators win their elections, we will have a total of 9 new members who will likely be re-elected.    

Assembly Member Toni Atkins (D-San Diego) is the Speaker of the Assembly and was elected last June.

In the Assembly, 16 members are termed-out including Assembly Members Ammiano, Bradford, Buchanan, Chesbro, Conway, Fong, Hagman, Hall, Harkey, Logue, Lowenthal, Nestande, J. Perez, V. M. Perez, Skinner and Yamada.  Assemblymembers Donnelly and Gorrell left their seats for a run for Governor and Congress, respectively, so there will be 2 new members in these districts.

The 2015-16 biennial session will officially commence with the swearing-in of new members in both houses on Monday, December 1st.  The first day of the Legislative Session begins on Monday, January 5th with at least 14 new Senators and  20 or so new Assembly Members.  With the exception of two or three races (Donnelly and Gorrell), most districts are considered “safe” wins for the incumbents.  Therefore, we can expect that the district positions, in terms of political philosophies and issue priorities of new and existing members, will likely stay the same.  
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