Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Session has closed in Sacramento.  Small business did not do very well last session seeing SB 610[ Franchisee protection] and AB 1399[ New Markets Tax Credit] vetoed by the Governor and our Crowd Funding Bill 2096 bill was killed in Senate Appropriations.
It is now time to plan for  next session.
We are looking at reintroducing SB 610 and AB 2096.  What are your ideas for bills?  We are looking for bills that will have an impact on small businesses around California. One idea that has come up is requiring state agencies to send out billings for license renewals and fees.  Currently the state has said that they will make every effort to do so but it is the business owners responsibility to keep track of the due dates and make payment. Has this been a problem for any of you?  It was a problem for me in renewing my insurance license but I am not sure how widespread a problem it is for others.

Proposition 45 and 46 will be on the ballot in November.  Proposition 45 will allow the Insurance Commissioner to set health insurance rates.  Proposition 46 will require testing of doctors for drug and alcohol.  It also will take the $250,000 cap off malpractice lawsuits for pain and suffering and increase it to around $1 million.  Small Business California has not taken a position on these Propositions as we don’t take positions on state propositions or candidates.
What do you think of these two Propositions?  Do you think Small Business California should take positions on State Propositions or Candidates?  We are a 501c6 nonprofit entity.

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