Monday, September 22, 2014

SB 1034/ SB 610/AB 1399

Some good news for California employers that are providing group health insurance for their employees. On August 15th the Governor signed SB1034 which will allow employers to have a 90 day waiting period for new employees. The waiting period under previous law was 60 days. The 90 day waiting period conforms with the Affordable Care Act.

The usual effective date for legislation is the first  of the following year after passage  or in this case 2015, but it was the intent to be effective immediately. Insurance companies are handling this differently so check with your broker to see how this will work for you.

Small Business California continues to push for the Governor’s signature of SB 610. This will level the playing field between Franchisors and Franchisee on contracts. We met last week with Mike Rossi in the Governor’s office on this . We are very hopeful the Governor will sign this.

Small Business California is strongly  supporting AB 1399 which will establish a California New Markets Tax Credit. This legislation was put forth by the Committee on Jobs and Economic Development. We are working closely with our good friend Toni Symonds consultant to the Committee.

The Governor has until the end of the month to sign or veto legislation for this session. For more detailed information on these bills go to

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Small Business California
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