Monday, September 22, 2014

Experience Modifications/ Medi-Cal

One of the most confusing things for some small businesses is understanding how the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau calculates a business’ experience modification.  First of all, not all businesses generate enough premium to have one.  You must be paying in the neighborhood of $30,000 over a three year period which eliminates most small businesses in the state.

But if you do have an experience modification you should always ask your broker for a copy of your Experience Modification work sheet.  Most small businesses have never seen this. You will quickly see that claims are very expensive.  On smaller claims you will usually pay more over three years than the claim costs the Insurance company.

Do you have an experience modification?  Would you be interested in knowing how your modification is calculated?

SB1124 appears to be going to the Governor’s desk.  Currently someone 55 or older who dies and has been insured by Medi-Cal can have their assets seized by the state upon their death for medical expense paid by Medi-Cal. SB1124 would change this and prevent the state from going after these assets. It is estimated that the state receives about $15 million a year in recovered assets. Should the state be allowed to seize these assets? Thoughts?

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