Friday, January 10, 2014

US Chamber removes opposition to ACA/ Scam: treasury dept. of legal affairs

This week Tom Donahue of the US Chamber stated that the US Chamber was ending their efforts to block or derail the Affordable Care Act and are now focused on making this work. Interesting development and just speaking for myself,  I think this will be a lot more productive than their past efforts.

I received an email from a member about what appears to be a scam. Have any of you received similar calls?

I have just had an attempt at a phone scam purporting to come from the  Treasury Department Office of Legal Affairs.  They didn't get very far.  They claimed that if I didn't do what they wanted, the Treasury Dept would be taking enforcement action in 30 mins.  Phone number used  559 328 2394. I said "this is a scam" and hung up.  No idea what they would have wanted me to do after that

It sounded like the same people who were pretending to be Microsoft last year, though I have no proof of that. Given that tax season is on us, maybe we should get the word out.


Disappointing numbers on the job front. It was announced this morning that only 74,000 jobs were added in December. Surprisingly, the unemployment rate went down from 7% to 6.7% because of baby boomers taking retirement and people dropping out of the labor force because they are not looking for jobs. What do you make of this? Is it an aberration or a signal that job growth has stagnated. Do you think the Federal Reserve should revisit their reduced purchasing of bonds?

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Anonymous said...

Just received similar phone call from 559-328-2396. Very convincing trying to insist we owed taxes from 2008. Kevin Petterson was the name the person with the Indian accent claimed to be, Badge number 11538. He said as soon as we hung up that all of our accounts would be frozen and that someone would be at our home within 30 minutes to arrest us-- and take our drivers licenses away. He said not even a good attorney could get us out of this. I ask how much money he was talking about and he said $1400. Surprisingly, he never asked us for the money. We immediately called the fraud division of the police and they informed us that it was a scam.