Monday, June 03, 2013

Legislative Session/Clinic by the Bay

So we are at the half way point in this year’s legislative session. All bills to remain alive must have passed their House of origin or have an urgency clause meaning it will take a two thirds vote to pass. One of the things however to watch for is what is called gut and amends. This is a procure where a bill is rewritten and new language replaces the original language. The new language does not have to have any connection with the original language.

This seems very strange to me and things get slipped in that can be truly awful. Our government affairs person Lori Kammerer watches this very closely during the session.

Do you think this should be allowed?

If you want to see bills Small Business California sponsored, supported and oppose please go to

I want to thank all of you that contributed to our Clinic by the Bay fundraiser. It was successful beyond our wildest dreams as we have raised $134000.

Senator Diane Feinstein also showed up bringing 4 drawings which we raffled off. Again thank you

Scott Hauge


Small Business California

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