Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Net Operating Loss Carryback/ Fix the Debt

Next Monday the Revenue and Tax Committee will be hearing Assemblywoman Skinners bill to repeal the Net Loss Carryback. This is awful legislation and will hurt many small businesses in California. Small Business California filed yesterday filed a letter of opposition cosigned by other associations including

Brand Source Pacific Rim Region,Small Business Majority, California Association of Competitive Telecommunications Companies. Golden Gate Restaurant Association,California Metals Association, Engineers Contractors Association, California Fence Contractors Association, California Chapter of the American Fence Association, Flasher Barricade Association and the Marin Builder Exchange.

I will be putting together another association letter so if you are an association and would like to be added please let me know and I can send you a copy of the letter.If you are an individual and want to oppose you can use the association letter and change it accordingly

Small Business California does not usually get involved in a lot of National issues but the National debt is one that we believe is of importance to California small businesses. In past Small Business White House Conference this came up as one of the top issues.

We therefore will be supporting this effort.

Please see below letter from the campaign. Do you agree? If you want more information please let me know.

Scott Hauge


Small Business California

2311 Taraval Street

San Francisco, CA 94116



As a small business owner, you understand how challenging it is to plan for the future when there is so much economic uncertainty around the future of taxes, healthcare costs, and the overall economy, due to the political gridlock in Washington. As the engine of economic growth in this country, the small business community can play a critical role in pushing our elected leaders to make the tough decisions necessary to promote investment and job creation, while also dealing with our unsustainable and mounting debt.

For this reason, I am writing to encourage you to add your voice to the national dialogue. We are working with the Campaign to Fix the Debt, which was founded by Al Simpson and Erskine Bowles, as a non-partisan effort to urge lawmakers to come together to pass a comprehensive, long-term plan to address our nation’s fiscal challenges, stabilize the unsustainable trajectory of our national debt, and create the certainty and confidence needed for businesses - both large and small - to invest, create jobs, and grow the economy. Attached is some information on the Campaign to Fix the Debt.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved, including:

• Attend an open press roundtable discussion on the deficits and debt, from the perspective of California small business owners. (If you are interested in joining me for one of these events in California, please contact me directly.)

• Engage in media (e.g., write op-eds or letters to the editor or do interviews with press) to add your voice to national debt issue.

• Sign the Campaign to Fix the Debt’s Citizens' Petition.

• Contact your Member of Congress by letter, phone, or in person.

If you are interested, please feel free to contact me, and I will put you in touch with someone from Fix the Debt to get you involved.


Phong Dinh

Senior Director of Coalitions, Campaign to Fix the Debt

Direct: 202.735.2804 • Cell: 703.855.4417

Web: www.fixthedebt.org • Email: dinh@fixthedebt.org

Sign the Citizens' Petition to Fix the Debt.

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