Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Net operating Loss Carryback/ AB 837/Internet Tax

Last year Small Business California and over 30 small business associations opposed Assemblywoman Skinners bill to eliminate Net Operating Loss Carrybacks.Well its back. Assemblywoman Skinner has introduced AB 769 mirroring last year’s legislation eliminating these Carrybacks. Small Business California will again oppose this legislation. It is our position that small businesses should not lose this credit and California tax law should be the same as Federal tax law.

Yesterday I went to Sacramento to support Small Business California and the California Hispanic Chamber sponsored bill AB 837. This bill would codify the Small Business Development Center program and is the first step in getting state funding for California SBDCs This program served 60000 small businesses in California in 2012. I am pleased to report it passed on a 9 to 0 vote.

Small Business California would like to thank the thank Assemblywoman Campos for authoring the legislation and Toni Symonds for her assistance in getting this passed. Toni is the Chief Consultant for the Jobs and Economic Development Committee[JEDE]

You all I am sure have read that the Market Place Fairness Act will be coming before the full Senate shortly. This bill would level the playing field between brick and mortar businesses and those that sell over the internet. Businesses with less than $1 million receipts would be exempted.Small Business California strongly supports this as we were a major backer of the Amazon tax in California . It is expected that this will pass the Senate by the end of the week or the first week of May.

Please see link to Senator Diane Feinstein statement supporting this and in my conversation with Senator Boxers office it is expected that she will support.

The bill will then go to the House where passage is expected to be more difficult. I would like to encourage you to contact your House member and ask them to support this important piece of legislation

Scott Hauge


Small Business California

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