Friday, November 09, 2012

Exchange/ Independent Contractors/ Social Media

I have been contacted by a few people asking if small businesses are going to be looking at placing their health insurance in the Exchange created by the Affordable Care Act[ now being referred to as Obama care]. Please give me your thoughts on this. Here are some questions

1. If you currently have insurance for your employees will you be looking at the Exchange for your coverage?

2.If you don’t have insurance will you be looking at the Exchange to provide this for your employees?

3. If you are a sole proprietor will you be looking at placing your individual coverage with the Exchange

4. If you are a sole proprietor have you had problems getting insurance because of a health problem? Remember come 2014 medical conditions will not be a factor in obtain insurance?

In a previous email I asked the question; Do you hire independent contractors? I admit it was a trick question and most of you that answered the question fell into the trap. You do not hire independent contractors. Hire is a term that implies employment and could be a red flag in the event of an EDD or IRS audit. The answer to the question is that you contract with independent contractors.

I did not get many answers to my question about do you use social media and if so how effective is it to you in getting business. Most of the answers I did get said for a variety of reasons you don’t use social media. Is that really true?

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