Monday, October 15, 2012

Small Business Acton Committee

On the November ballot two very important Propositions will be on the ballot.

Proposition 30 which is called the Governors measure will raise about $9 billion in taxes.

Proposition 32 which will ban automatic deductions by corporations, unions and government of employees wages to be used for politics.

Small Business California does not take positions on ballot measures and we know there are small businesses on both sides of the issue.

We are however very concerned about an organization called the Small Business Action Committee. This Committee is sponsoring adds asking voters to vote yes on 32 and it is expected they will also sponsor adds to vote no on 30.

This organization does not represent small business.

Over $21 million has come from Charlie Munger a Stanford physicist and brother to Molly Munger who is funding Proposition 38 and his father who is an executive for Warren Buffets Berkshire Hathaway. If Proposition 32 passes he will be able to contribute to PACs in unlimited amounts.

I don’t know if any small businesses have contributed to the Small Business Action Committee but clearly they are not making the decisions on where to spend the money.

Does this bother you that very wealthy individuals that have no history of representing small business are using the moniker of small business as if they are representing your interest?

An interesting piece in the Sacramento Bee yesterday. Yuba City announced it would be paying attorney George Louie $15000 not to file ADA lawsuits. In June of 2011 a Contra Costa Superior Court placed Louie on a state list of “vexatious litigants “in California courts. But he was still free to file in Federal Court until this agreement.

The agreement was exclusively with Louie and I am sure there are many other attorneys that will pick up the slack.

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