Monday, October 15, 2012

Jim Baird - member profile

This is our first membership profile. Jim has been a great supporter of Small Business California but more than that a great supporter of California small businesses

Thank you Jim.

Scott Hauge


Small Business California

2311 Taraval Street

San Francisco, CA 94116


September 2012: Jim Baird, CEO, Bay Area Development

Member since: 2005

For more info, please click here: Bay Area Development

Mission Statement: "It is the vision of Bay Area Development Company to be the highest quality provider of SBA loans in the entire industry"

1. What is your reason for joining SBC?

It is so critically important that real local small businesses band together and make sure that it is their voices being heard on the essential issues of the day. Small Business California fills this critical need by truly understanding the needs and diversity of the small business sector and by talking to all sides about practical rather than polarizing solutions to key small business policy issues.

2. What do you feel is the most important issues effecting SBC?

Small Business California is very important to us, and as someone who has worked with small business financing on Main Street as well as small business legislation in Washington DC.I know that often times small business does not get what they want because they are not well represented by groups that really understand the problems and issues small businesses face.

3. How has SBC benefited your company/organization?

Small Business California does two very important things for our organization. The first is that they keep us up to date and informed on a myriad of issues effecting small business that otherwise, we would not be knowledgeable or up to date on. The second is that SBC is always a well informed voice of reason when advocating for small businesses that we can always count on SBC to take good positions on issues affecting small business. With SBC, we feel like our voice is being heard.

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