Thursday, July 26, 2012

Injury and Illness Prevention Program

Small Business California is working with the California Department of Industrial Relations and State Compensation Insurance Fund on a new initiative to help small businesses develop and implement effective injury and illness prevention programs[IIPP] in their workplaces. These programs help reduce the costs associated with work-related injuries; create safe, positive, and productive work environments; and help businesses meet the legal requirements of the Cal/OSHA IIPP standard. We want your input so that the needs and concerns of small business owners will be met. Please answer the following 3 questions and email it Your responses will be kept completely confidential and CAL OSHA will not see the responses except in the aggregate Thank you for your help!

Scott Hauge


1) Have you ever heard of Cal/OSHA’s Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) requirement?

Yes ___

No ___

If Yes, what challenges have you faced in developing or implementing your IIPP?

2) All businesses are required by law to have an IIPP. Would you attend a free half day training program where you learned how to develop an effective IIPP?

Yes ___

No ___

If Yes, who would you send to the workshop?

Yourself (owner) ___

Your manager/supervisor ___

Your payroll manager ___

Other: (who?) __________________________________________________________________________________

If No, why not and is there anything that would make you want to attend?

3) What resources would help you create an effective health and safety program in your workplace?

Technical assistance on health and safety issues ___

Written materials on specific health and safety issues ___

More extensive health and safety training ___

Other: _________________________________________________________________________________________


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Small business can grow very easily, if you have taken certain steps or certain strategy as well. It seems that California is build a relationship very glowingly.

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What a great program. I think we should start doing more of these to help the community out. Maybe once a year just to get help to the less fortunate.

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Sometimes it's dis-concerning to hear about things like this. But it is what it is.

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Great program. More people should be able to come up with this and support it because this is what most people need.

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