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Governor Brown Delivers Plan to Streamline and Simplify State Government to Little Hoover Commissio

Please see reorganization by the Governor. This will have an impact on small business in the future. For those of you wondering what is happening with the Governor’s appointing a Small Business Advocate I am told by Toni that this will happen after the Director of Go-Biz is appointed. Do you have any suggested names for this position. As you will recall Marty Keller was past Advocate.

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Dear JEDE Friends,

On Friday, the Governor submitted the reorganization plan that was outlined in his January budget to the Little Hoover Commission.

I wanted to be sure you received this information as soon as possible, so I have only done a very quick review of the language. Among other things, the proposed reorganization does the following related to economic development issues:

1. Dismantles the Business, Transportation and Housing Agency (BTH).

2. Moves the Small Business Loan Guarantee Program from BTH to the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-BIZ).

3. Moves the California Travel and Tourism Commission to Go-Biz and places the Director of Go-Biz as chair of the Commission.

4. Moves the California Film Commission and the Film California First Program to Go-Biz.

5. Moves the Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank (I-Bank) to Go-Biz and places the Director of Go-Biz as Chairperson. The Secretary of Transportation replaces the Secretary of State and Consumer Services on the I-Bank board.

6. Promotes the Department of Transportation to an agency that includes:

a. Department of the California Highway Patrol;

b. The California Transportation Commission;

c. The Department of Motor Vehicles;

d. The Department of Transportation;

e. The High-Speed Rail Authority; and

f. The Board of Pilot Commissioners.

7. Creates the Business and Consumer Services Agency that includes:

a. The Department of Business Oversight;

b. The Department of Fair Employment and Housing;

c. The Department of Housing and Community Development;

d. The Department of Consumer Affairs;

e. The Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control;

f. The California Horse Racing Board; and

g. The Alfred E. Alquist Seismic Safety Commission.

8. Demotes the Department of Financial Institutions and the Department of Corporations to divisions within the Department of Business Oversight.

9. Demotes the Department of Real Estate and the Office of Real Estate Appraiser to bureaus within the Department of Consumer Affairs.

10. Shifts the Department of Resources, Recycling and Recovery to the California Environmental Protection Agency.

11. Demotes the California Technology Agency to the department.

12. Creates the Government Operations Agency includes:

a. Office of Administrative Law;

b. The Public Employees’ Retirement System;

c. The State Teachers’ Retirement System;

d. The State Personnel Board;

e. The California Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board;

f. The Department of General Services;

g. The Department of Technology;

h. The Franchise Tax Board; and

i. The Department of Human Resources.

13.Provides that the Secretary of the Government Operation Agency sits on the Public Utilities Commission in place of the Secretary of State and Consumer Services.

As you know, the Assembly Speaker has introduced AB 2012 to serve as a vehicle for transitioning economic development related reorganization issues that are not otherwise addressed elsewhere. With the reorganization plan being released, we will need to check back with the Speaker’s Office for comment on their next steps.

AB 2012 is set in JEDE on April 17, 2012. Letters in support of the Speaker’s bill will need to be submitted to the JEDE Committee by COB on Wednesday, April 11th in order to be reflected on the bill analyses. The bill analyses will be hosted by Monday, April 16, 2012 at 9:00 a.m.


Chief Consultant

California State Legislature

Assembly Committee on Jobs, Economic Development and the Economy


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