Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cyber Attacks- 12 Tips

Please see 12 tips below to protect yourself from security breech. This is a serious matter for small businesses. The article was put together by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) within the Department of Homeland Security.

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Specific Practices and the Dirty Dozen Examples of Actual Small Businesses Hurt by Cyber Attacks

1. Use Strong Passwords and Change Them Regularly
Case One: Ex-Employee at Building Contractor Uses Old E-Mail Access to Spy for Competitive Attack

2. Look Out for E-mail Attachments and Internet Download Modules
Case Two: My Doom Worm Hits Thousands of Small Businesses Hard

3. Install, Maintain, and Apply Anti-Virus Programs
Case Three: Consultant Fails to Keep Software Updated, Winds up Infecting and Losing His Customers

4. Install and Use a Firewall
Case Four: Hotels and Wireless Internet Connections Need Firewalls

5. Remove Unused Software and User Accounts; Cleanout Everything on Replaced Equipment
Case Five: Small Telecom Firm Loses Business When Security Breach Is Made Known to Prospective Clients

6. Establish Physical Access Controls for all Computer Equipment
Case Six: Accounting Firm Has Backups Threatened by Fire

7. Create Backups for Important Files, Folders, and Software
Case Seven: Small Manufacturer Loses Major Government Work Due to Software “Time Bomb”

8. Keep Current with Software Updates
Case Eight: Diners Have Supply Chain Interrupted; Inn Loses Reservation System when Software Not Updated

9. Implement Network Security with Access Control
Case Nine: Cyber Blackmail Goes Mainstream

10. Limit Access to Sensitive and Confidential Data
Case Ten: Credit Union Employee Uses Personal Information for Financial Gain

11. Establish and Follow a Security Financial Risk Management Plan; Maintain Adequate Insurance Coverage
Case Eleven: On-Line Retailer Misunderstands Insurance Coverage, Gets Wiped Out by Attack

12. Get Technical Expertise and Outside Help When You Need It
Case Twelve: Venture Capitol Firm, Law Firm Try to Get by Without Tech Assistance -- Regret Decision

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