Friday, January 14, 2011

House GOP to move quickly on 1099 repeal/ADA/Small Business California Survey /AIA to work with Small Business California

The bill by Congressman Lungren to repeal the requirement of 1099s on all business transactions $600 or more has been renumbered from HR 144 to HR4.

This means it will move quickly and will be taken up shortly after the House votes on HR 2 which would repeal the healthcare law.

See link below for details.

In San Francisco there have been a rash of lawsuits against small businesses under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Are small businesses having problem with this in your area?

Next week I will be sending to you our 7th annual small business survey. Last year we had about 2700 responses to the survey and there was at least one survey returned from every county in the state.

The survey will be distributed by the Small Business Development Centers and numerous Chambers and Trade Association around the state. We hope you will also distribute through your email trees This survey is very important to Small Business California as it sets our agenda for the year.

You can see the results of past surveys by going to our website at

Last Saturday I went to the swearing in of the new Supervisors in San Francisco. I had the good fortune to meet Clark Manus who recently was elected First Vice President of the American Institute of Architects.He will be the next President in a year and a half.

Clark is partner in the firm of Heller Manus in San Francisco. In our discussion he has agreed to work with Small Business California as he sees that our issues are those of his members. I look forward to working with you Clark.

I hope you find these emails informative and if you are not a member will join Small Business California. You can do so by going to our website at

Thank you to all of you that have joined. We are making a difference.

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
2311 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA 94116

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