Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1099 requirement/2011 SB California Survey

I just received word that Senators Baucus and Reid will be introducing legislation repealing the 1099 requirement in the Health bill.

I talked to Senator Baucus' office and was told they have not determined how they will handle the $19 million offset. As you will recall it was estimated the requirement would raise $17 to $19 billion over a 10 year period.

Congressman Lungren has introduced HR 4 which has no offset. This will easily pass the House as it has about 255 cosponsors.

It was good to hear the President mention last night in his State of the Union message he supports repeal.

The responses to our survey have been very slow. This is vitally important as this survey will set our agenda for 2011.

The results will also be sent to every legislator in the state, all House members, our Senators and the Governor.

It takes between 6 to 10 minutes

the link for the survey is here:

Here is the final press release:

January 19, 2011

Small Business California Asks For Input With Its 7th Annual Small Business Survey
For the seventh year running, Small Business California is surveying small businesses on their concerns and issues to help guide its efforts

San Francisco- Today, Small Business California (SB-Cal) asked for small businesses to respond its yearly survey, which it sends to the Governor and every state legislator. The survey can be found on-line at

According to Small Business California president and founder Scott Hauge, “This survey is used by SB-Cal to guide its advocacy efforts and it is influential in expressing the problems faced by small business to opinion makers. An example is that the cost of providing health care was the most important issue to small business owners last year.” Scott Hauge went on to say. “The Governor and legislators are now addressing this issue that is of vital concern to small business owners.”

In addition to the current small business survey, results of past surveys may be found on SB-Cal’s website.

Small Business California represents the interests of small businesses in California. Its Board of Directors are leading advocates for small businesses and represent thousands of small businesses in every part of the state. More information regarding Small Business California can be found at

And finally words cannot express my gratitude for all of my extended family[ all of you] that sent emails to me about my brother’s death. Your support is a blessing to me and my family and I can’t think of a better gift during these difficult times. At last count I had around 300 responses and last night I gave a copy of all of these to my mom. I will also be providing my sister in law a copy

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
2311 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA 94116

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