Monday, November 22, 2010

Helping small businesses prosper

Small Business California has been contacted by Assemblymember Mike Feuer’s office for things his office can do to help small businesses in California. Please give me your thoughts.

See below email I received.


Assemblymember Feuer is very interested in the views of your member business owners regarding what the Legislature can do to help small businesses grow and prosper. We believe the success of small businesses is essential to California's economic recovery and want to identify burdensome rules, regulations, and/or paperwork that create challenges for small businesses but that provide little or no value in terms of broader societal benefits. The more specific your members' ideas, the better.

Obviously, we are committed to maintaining laws that provide strong consumer, worker, and environmental protections. But not every rule or regulation serves such a significant purpose. It is important to contrast what is merely bureaucratic with what is essential during these challenging economic times.

It would also be helpful to get the views of your members on what they think the state can do to provide greater affirmative assistance to small businesses. For example, Mr. Feuer was very displeased to read a news account of the plight of a California business which needed, but couldn't get, help navigating processes to compete for federal funding made available to combat the recession.

Clearly the state has very little, if any, funding for any new program, but we could potentially consider reallocating money from existing services. In any event, it would be good to know your views on what programs or services best meet the needs of California small businesses. We look forward to your feedback.
Thank you.

David Stammerjohan
Legislative Director
Office of Assemblymember Mike Feuer
Ph: (916) 319-2042
Fax (916) 319-2142

The 1099 issue will be coming up in the Senate Nov 29th at 6:30.

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
2311 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA 94116

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