Tuesday, November 09, 2010

1099s/Meeting with Director of Advocacy at SBA/ Clinic by the Bay

Small Business California continues to work on repeal of the 1099 requirement that was incorporated in the Health bill passed in March. This as you recall will requires businesses to file 1099s on transactions over $600.

We were particularly pleased to see President Obama say last week that he would like to work with Republicans on changing this provision.

Small Business California sent an email today to Michael Bernich to deliver to the Governor elects people requesting that the Governor focus on getting access to capital to small business. There is a unique opportunity for Jerry Brown with the passage of the Small Business Jobs bill and the trailer bill passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Schwarzenegger to help small businesses in this area. We requested that the Governor convene a meeting with lenders and Karen Mills the SBA Administrator to discuss strategies on how this money can best be used.

We also requested that the Governor work closely with the Small Business Development Centers around the state to outreach to lenders and small business borrowers letting them know about the availability of this money.

On Friday I will be meeting with Winslow Sargeant the Director of the SBA Office of Advocacy. As I have mentioned before Small Business California has requested that he do a report on how banks especially big banks like Bank of America are lending to small businesses. He has assured me that he is in the process of doing this.

Small Business California has also asked that he look into why the SBA has not designated a person to meet the requirements required under the energy bills of 2005 and 2007. These bills required the SBA to work with government agencies in developing energy policies that will help small business. One policy mentioned in the energy bill of 2007 was assistance in developing On Bill Financing around the country. As you all know Small Business California brought On Bill Financing to California.

Saving the best for last today is the formal grand opening of Clinic by the Bay. We will be doing our celebration at 10:30 this morning. Our guest will be Senator Feinstein and Congresswoman Jackie Speier. We will be joined by a couple of friends and neighbors[patients] who have used our services.

See link to article that was on the front page of the Chronicle this morning.


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