Friday, September 17, 2010

Small Business Paper - Final Version

I am sorry to send so many emails this week but a lot has been happening.

Please see an amazing outline of the new health law geared to small and medium sized businesses. It was put together by our good friends at the Insure the Uninsured Project. Small Business California is on their advisory board.

For those of you that are with associations I strongly encourage you to put this as a link to your website

This week the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau reduced their recommended rate increase about 2 point to 27.2%. This is recommended for January 1 on new and renewal policies. As I have said before the Insurance Commissioner will make his recommendations that will probably be significantly lower. The insurance companies do not have to take the Insurance Commissioners recommendations.

I do not expect rates to go up anywhere near 27.2% but the losses are getting worse in the industry and significant rate increase are going to occur at some point in the future.

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
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