Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Small Business Jobs Bill/ Exchanges/ Names of people that have helped small business/Oct 8 Requirements

We are very hopeful and somewhat expect that the House will take up the Small Business Jobs Bill tonight. Among other things this will increase the SBA guarantees to 90%, waive the fees on SBA 7a and 504 loans, increase the size of SBA loans to $5 million and allow refinancing of 504 loans.. It is expected this will be passed in the House Thursday and signed by the President early next week.

I have a reporter from the LA Times looking for people that have applied for loans and are waiting for the passage of this bill. Please let me know if you are one of these businesses. Ideally she is looking for people in the LA area but if you meet the criteria and located anywhere in California please let me know.

The two bills that would establish the California Exchange[ SB900 and AB1602] are awaiting the Governor’s signature. I have been on a couple of radio programs in LA promoting these bills. There is strong opposition from the California Chamber and Anthem. We have also done Op Ed pieces in the SF Chronicle and Orange County Register. We expect to have an Op Ed piece in the Sacramento Bee in the next few days.

Two weeks ago I felt pretty confident these bills would be signed and I still believe they will but it is not the sure thing I thought it was.

Once a year I ask people on this email tree to identify people at any level of government that are helping small businesses. These can be elected officials or government employees. If you send me their names, what they have done and their contact information I will send a letter from Small Business California mentioning you and why you feel they deserve recognition.

For me the person who has done incredible things for small businesses in SF is Trent Rohr. As the head of Health and Human Services he has run a program called Jobs Now which pays employers 100% of the wages for individuals that are unemployed, have a dependent under 18 and live in SF. This program has generated over 4000 jobs. The reason though I am recognizing him is that he started the program and quite frankly there were problems. He listened to the comments of small business and implemented changes that made this in my mind the best program of its kind in the country.

Let me know who you would like recognized.

Lastly I mentioned the new amendments to the workers comp notice regulations that revise MPN notice requirements and require employers to replace their claims forms, new hire pamphlets and posting notices. You must do this by Oct 8 or be subject to fines up to $7000. For more information go to California Workers Compensation Institute website at or the California Employers Association website

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