Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Treasury finalizing $15 billion to help small business Lending/ SBIR Continuing Resolution

Small Business California has been asked by the Department of Industrial Relations to advise you about a program that is available to small employers to help you help you bring employees back to work. Please see information about this.

Very small employers, can you use up to $2,500?

Then you need to know about the state’s “Bring ‘em Back” campaign. There is no need to lose a valued employee to a workplace injury because, through the end of this year, you can be reimbursed for purchases you make to bring that employee back, or keep them on the job, following an injury! That’s because the state’s Division of Workers’ Compensation will reimburse you up to $2,500 for workplace modifications that bring an injured employee back to work.
Getting reimbursed is as easy as filling out a few short forms and providing receipts. In addition to providing reimbursement for purchases that bring an employee back to work or keeping them on the job, the state’s return to work experts are available to provide consultations and presentations for employers, employer organizations or claims administrators on the subject.
Interested in learning more? Follow this link to the state’s
campaign page, or go to and click on the “Bring ‘em Back” link in the right navigation pane.
Questions? Contact a representative of the Return to Work Reimbursement Program at (510) 286-6990 or

The Washington Post reports that the Treasury Department is finalizing a $15 billion initiative to stimulate lending by the SBA by using Federal Funds from the Federal bailout program to buy up SBA loans. Hopefully if put in place this will help small businesses access capital. The Post says “While SBA credit markets are healthier than several months ago, they remain vulnerable to a relapse if,for instance, the wider financial industry suffers another crisis of investor confidence”
On the Small Business Innovative Research front the Senate on Friday passed a continuing resolution that would extend the SBIR program for another two months to September 30. As I have mentioned previously the SBIR funding will end July31st without this continuing resolution.
It is expected to pass the House today. According to people I am working with in Washington both the House and the Senate are negotiating in good faith to find a resolution to the venture capital problem.
I continue to get calls from the media on the health issue. I welcome any of your thoughts and letting me know if you will talk to the media.

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