Monday, July 27, 2009

Health Debate

I am sure you are following the health debate in Washington. It is Small Business California’s position that there needs to be more cost containment in both the House and the Senate bills[one in the House and two in the Senate]. Having said that, I think it is important when we talk about cost containment, we do it in the context that quality of care can also be improved with cost containment
I believe when people hear the term cost containment without the quality discussion, it is thought of as just reducing cost and quality of care goes down. I contend this is not necessarily the case. For example reducing hospital cost by eliminating staph infections is a cost reduction and improves the quality of care. In Pennsylvania they have drastically reduced staph infections by monitoring the hospitals and reducing payments when staph infections occur. These are preventable.
Disease management, Electronic medical records and pay for performance just to name a few also reduce cost and improve quality of care .
I think it is important when you are speaking to people on this issue that you keep this in mind and try not to use the term cost control without the quality of care discussion being included.
For those of you that are advocates for small business this is really critical in your discussions.

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