Monday, April 06, 2015

Online EDD Filing/ Letter to Editor

On Wednesday AB1245 will be heard in the Assembly Insurance Committee. This is a bill sponsored by Small Business California requiring all business to file online their quarterly EDD reports  Small Business California was able to get the compliance dates extended to January 2017 for businesses with 10 or more employees and 2018 for businesses with less than 10 employees.

We will be working with EDD to put in place a marketing program to the 65% of employers who do not file online. There will be a hardship provision for businesses that do not have the technology in place to do this. It is estimated that EDD will save $8.4 million. We believe this will  also be more efficient for small businesses once they are made aware of how to do this. We also believe it will cut down on errors for both EDD and small businesses.
I have asked this before but do you file online?
Do you have the technology to do this in place to do this?

Last week I sent an email about Thomas Lees piece in the Chronicle March 31 saying that small business was the driving force in the signing by Governor Pence of the Religious Freedom Act.  Please see below my letter to the editor.


    It is rare that I read in the Chronicle an article as malicious as Tom Lee’s article “Debunking Small Business” March 31, 2015.  His comment that Governor Pence signed the RFA because of small business is simply irresponsible.  Sure there may have been a few small businesses that were quoted supporting the bill but to the best of my knowledge there was no organized effort by small business organization.

    Mr. Lee cited that "mom and pop shops don’t think they should bake a cake or deliver flowers for same sex marriage because doing so would violate their faith” 

  I would like Mr. Lee to tell me who these businesses are because the reference to cakes and flowers came from the Catholic nuns and brothers.  See NY Times April 3, 2015 and religious organizations like Advance American and American Family Association who invoke the name of small business.  You should be ashamed Mr. Lee.

Scott Hauge
Small Business California
2311 Taraval Street
San Francisco, CA  94116

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