Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Cyber Attacks/Return to Work/People who have helped small business

Many small business owners believe that only larger companies are subject to cyber-attacks.  A 2014 study by Symantec revealed that 61% of all targeted attacks are on small and midsize businesses. This is up 13% from a study done in 2013.  Midsize companies are defined as businesses with less than 250 employees.  The National Small Business Association did a study and found that 44% of small businesses have been the subject of at least one cyber-attack.  This is typically not covered on your general liability policy but some companies provide a limited amount on their package policies.
I have been amazed how many small businesses don’t think that they have any exposure because they have a fire wall or antivirus on their computer.  They also think that because they have an IT company overseeing this they have no exposure.  Actually most IT companies don’t protect their clients from a cyber-attack and some even have the business owner indemnifying them.

Do you have a return to work policy for injured employees?  If you have an experience modification this can save you money.  Even if you don’t have an experience modification this is still a proactive tool that will assist in getting your employee back to work.  Did you know that if you take someone back to work at a lesser salary, the insurance company can make up some or all of the difference between what you pay the injured worker and what their salary was before the workplace injury?  Talk to your insurance broker about this.  Keep in mind the maximum the insurance company will pay is two thirds of the salary up to a maximum of about $1100 a week.  These benefits are not taxable.

Last week I asked people on my email to identify an elected official or government employee that has been helpful to  small businesses or helpful to your company.  I did not get many responses.  The people who were given to me were Libby Schaaf, the new Mayor of Oakland, and Senator Ted Gaines.  I chose Toni Symonds, Chief Consultant of JEDE.  I will try one more time.  Send me the name of an individual, what they have done and their contact information.  I will send a letter from Small Business California thanking them.  I will send a copy of the letter to you.

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