Thursday, October 24, 2013

Workers Compensation/ Covered California

Yesterday the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau Governing committee increased its recommended increase for Jan 1 2014  from 7.8% to 9.6%. This would make the average rate for workers compensation to  $2.75 per hundred dollars of payroll. This will now go to the Insurance Commissioner for his recommendation. I am not sure what the final increase will be as the Insurance Commissioner can override this and each insurance company can file their own rates. I think I can safely say that rates will be going up but the increase will vary  depending  on the type of business.


The Board of Covered California will be meeting today. I am curious if any of you have  visited the Covered California website recently. What was your experience? Have any of you enrolled? The list of doctors is 
still not available creating a problem for many. The Federal Exchange program is really a mess and questions are being raised about whether it will be functioning for January 1, 2014. There also is discussion of pushing back the individual mandate because people may not be able to enroll by December 15.

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