Friday, May 03, 2013

Hearing on Parking and Business in San Francisco

Please see email from Stephen Cornell. I hope you can attend Monday.


Finally we will have a hearing on how the S F M T A (the department that controls all parking, roads and Muni) works (or doesn’t) with San Francisco Businesses. IT IS REAL IMPORTANT TO COME AND HAVE YOUR VOICE HEARD

Small Business Commission

Monday May 6th

5:30 P M (item 6 on agenda so you can come at 6 PM)

City Hall

Room 400

We are all affected by PARKING, by MUNI, by BIKE LANES, by Lack of Notices Letting our voices be heard or just lending your support to our commission that understands what our needs are is very important. This will be the 1st time the M T A will be before an official Commission

Any questions

Small Business Office (415) 554-6134


Stephen Cornell (415) 673-8900

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